Time Choices: Science Helps You Find More Time!

Time ChoicesTime choices are the building blocks of each and every day.  From the smallest to the largest, your time choices define your experience of your time … and of your life.

Yet, how often are these choices made unconsciously – based on old scripts or old habits?  How often are your productive time choices lost in the shuffle of the everyday bustle of life?

There’s a science to learning to make helpful time choices … so let’s explore!

Time Choices:  What’s Your Repertoire?

We all make hundreds of time choices in the course of a day.  Knowing how and why you make these choices is very empowering and ultimately offers a path to greater productivity, enhanced satisfaction, and finding more time.

The first step, as any scientist will tell you, is to simply observe.  In this case, you’ll be observing the time choices that you make each day.  This needs to be done without judgment; you want to see the whole picture.

Time Choices:  Replicate the Helpful Ones

The next step, once you’re familiar with the terrain of your time choices, is to take a closer look at what works.

Let’s say you come to the end of a day feeling productive and happy, knowing that you’ve used your time wisely and well.

That doesn’t happen by magic; it’s a result of a series of choices that you made along the way.  So, what were those choices?  If they served you well, these are time choices that you want to replicate and repeat.

Time Choices:  Here’s a Tool You Can Use!

I’ve developed a new Daily Choices Template for tracking your most helpful time choices so that you can use what works, over and over again.  Step-by-step, using this tool, you build on your best choices, empowering yourself and experiencing the success that follows.

Observing your time choices and then replicating the ones that serve you best is a wonderful way to apply science to your everyday life and use it to find more time.

Want to give it a try?  Just click this link to access the Daily Choices Template and get started on a proactive time path!

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