Time Doesn’t Change but Your Experience of It Does

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How does time feel to you?

Indeed, time doesn’t change. As I’ve noted before, it’s absolute, concrete, and universal. 

It’s the same for everyone.  Whether you’re going with the flow or fighting it, each of your minutes is made up of 60 seconds.

Likewise, each of your hours has 60 minutes.  That’s a baseline fact that you can rely on — time doesn’t change.

Okay, so time doesn’t change, but…

The reality is that it definitely feels like it changes.

For example, this morning as I was moving through my exercise routine, I was reminded of how subjectively we each experience time.

What I noticed was that whenever I was engaged with the parts of my routine that challenge my endurance, time seemed to slow down. And on the flip side, when I was resting and catching my breath, it felt like the time flew by.

My experience is the same when I do timed writing exercises. The time doesn’t change, but it feels different, depending on how engaged I am with the process.

Engagement and exertion…

So, engagement and exertion seem to impact the experience of time, even though the seconds are passing at the same rate, no matter what.

It’s remarkable to pay attention to the experience and then to realize that we hold significant power when it comes to our experience of time. For example, when I am exercising and starting to huff and puff, I remind myself that the seconds aren’t slowing down. In those moments, it helps to remember that time doesn’t change.

So, are you aware of this feeling, too? And do you find it helpful to remind yourself that, however it feels to you, subjectively, the actual time increments are the same in every instance?

Try this.

Try giving yourself this simple reminder when you’re waiting and feeling impatient, or when you’re engaged in a task that you don’t enjoy.  It can be very grounding. It also enables you to let go, in the moment, and be more present.

Our power lies in our time choices. And developing an ever deepening awareness of our feelings and attitudes about time helps us make better choices. The more awareness you bring to time, the more power you hold.

So, how do you experience your minutes? 

Your hours?

Here’s more help…

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