Time Feelings and Time Choices Powerfully Reframe Your Time

Time feelings and time choicesTime feelings have a huge impact on your energy and your perspective on time. Your sense of what is possible depends, to a very large extent, on the time feelings that you bring to each situation you find yourself in.

Are you confident?  Overwhelmed?  The  impact of these time feelings is profound and, as we noted in our last post, you hold the power in your hands!

When your head (ideas/thoughts) and your heart (feelings) are in sync, the sky is your limit.  But confusion reigns and you are at odds with yourself when your time feelings and your time thoughts don’t mesh.

So let’s look at 3 quick time tips to identify and then reframe ways that many of us give away our power over time.

Tip #1.  Time Feelings: Resentments Steal Time!

When you struggle with where your time goes, it’s easy to blame others.  How often do you think, “If only he/she didn’t ask me to …”?

Reclaiming your time starts when you notice each angry thought and see it for what it is. Each source of anger offers an opportunity to turn things around for yourself.

Tip #2.  Time Feelings and Your Creativity.

How you describe problems defines how you solve them. When you feature your power of choice, you tap into your creativity.  This power is not unlocked until you turn the key.

You really do make your own time choices. That’s the reality – no one can make you spend one second more than you agree to spend on any activity. When you fully take in that fact you position yourself to consider fresh options.

Tip #3. Time Feelings: Patience and Small Steps Keep You Moving

Years have gone into your patterns, so expect to invest some time in making changes. Many time drains carry a heavy burden of long-ago time feelings. These are profound changes you are undertaking, so be patient and open to the learning!

Jot down issues as they surface and “chunk them down” to keep things from tipping into overwhelm for you!

A fresh outlook realigns your motivation to live powerfully.  So give yourself every opportunity to experience this firsthand. Satisfaction reinforces commitment as you build on what you are learning – your power and confidence grow exponentially!

Now, what is your next step to make the very most of your time?  Drop me a line – I’d love to hear about how you’re reframing your time feelings!


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  1. First, Paula, I’d like to let you know I’ve done pretty well with my intention, stated here last week, to turn off my computer at night. I only kept it on last night to complete downloading my 4.4 GB new OS via my spindly DSL. Thanks for your encouragement re making a ‘chunked down’ resolution and checking in!

    And re today’s post: What I love about owning my choices and stepping out of chronic resentment is how it clears the air of confusion and hopelessness. Responsibility – the ultimate air cleaner! 🙂

    • Wow, Dale – I appreciate your keeping us in the loop about your follow-through on your resolution. Do you feel like it’s had an impact on your experience of your time? Or is it too soon to tell?

      And I love your air cleaner image – it’s a refreshing twist on responsibility!

      To your time success …


  2. Paula,
    Thanks for this wonderful reminder. I appreciate that you have taught me to become more positive in my thinking. I no longer waste time in negativity but use my time more effectively because of my new found positive attitude. It really makes all the difference.

    • Hi Pat – I am so pleased to hear about your personal experience with the power of a positive attitude.

      Once you’ve felt this, the world looks so different, doesn’t it?

      We hold so much in our own hands. Thank you for writing and reinforcing this!



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