Time Finder – Top 5 Favorites for October

In my town, nearly all of the political signs were gone by yesterday afternoon.  It was as if a cacophony had been quieted – the clutter cleared!  I was struck, yet again, by how distracting and energy-draining clutter can be!  Seeing the landscape returned to normal, I could feel myself relaxing.  Ahhh!

If you would like to make some inroads on the clutter in your life, the e-book Clutter Free and Clear:  Take Charge of Your Time and Space! may be just the thing for you!

A compendium of information from 8 renowned experts in the field, this e-book is full of insights and tips, as well as very practical information about de-cluttering your life (whether it’s your living space, your office, or your time management repertoire that you want to address).

My chapter focuses on time management and the vital importance of time boundary skills.  As you’ve read here, too, time boundaries are key to your time management success!

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing a FREE time boundary tool that you are going to find very helpful!  Stay tuned to The Time Finder for more information, coming soon!

October LeavesSharing the previous month’s most popular posts on time management, time boundaries, transitions, and time choices is a regular feature on The Time Finder.  Here’s the list for October! Maybe you’ll see something you missed the first time around – or something that’s relevant today, but may not have seemed so three weeks ago.  Enjoy!

Time Finder Favorites for September,

Finding Time and Fighting Computer Distractions,

Finding Time by Discovering Your Computer’s Capabilities,

Finding Time and Productivity by Finding Quiet, and

Finding Time Resources and Some Tips for Weathering Change.

Did you have a favorite that I missed?  Let me know, and I’ll be happy to share it here!  And remember, stay tuned for a Time Finder FREE GIFT, coming soon!

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