Time Flying By – One Theory About Why!

Time in your hands

Is time flying by for you?

Have you noticed time flying by faster and faster for you?

As I’ve aged, I’ve definitely felt that each passing minute seems to be speeding up.

But why does it feel that way?

We know that time is concrete and is the same for everyone. But  when I think back, I can remember when summers felt endless. Now, a summer day feels a bit more like the lifespan of a butterfly – fragile, precious, and fleeting.

And actually, there’s a similar feeling about space. Remember how big your yard felt to you when you were a child? Or if you’ve had the experience of revisiting your childhood home, did it feel significantly smaller to you than you remembered?

What’s going on with these changes in perception?  Well, I recently came upon a very interesting post about what may actually be happening with that feeling of time flying by.  It made intuitive sense to me, so I thought I’d share it with you!

I first came upon the idea on lifehacker in a post titled This Interactive Timeline Explains Why Time Flies By as You Get Older.  The author, Patrick Allan, cites an interactive timeline by Maximilian Kiener and notes the following about it:

[The timeline] suggests that we perceive time relative to the “absolute” time we compare it to. In other words, the longer you’re alive, the smaller a year becomes in relation to your entire life as a whole. For example, when you’re five, a year is 20% of your entire life. When you’re 50, however, a year is only 2% of your life.


How time goes flying by the older we get …

For Kiener’s illustration of how time goes flying by faster and faster as we age, visit his site by clicking here. Then take the time to scroll down as he walks you through the progression of the years.  It’s a fascinating read.

So, is this an experience you can relate to? And does Kiener’s theory resonate? Drop me a line – I’d love to hear!

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