Find Time by Staying Focused Right Here, Right Now

When you are focused you enhance your creativity, productivity, and appreciation of your moments. Being focused increases your presence.

When you’re focused, you are present.

When you are focused, you enhance your creativity, productivity, and appreciation of your moments. Indeed, focus is one of the most powerful time management skills in your toolbox.  It’s about being in the moment, and consciously choosing where you put your energy.

Being focused increases your presence, and it’s a skill that we each need to bring to our moments over and over – as often as needed.

Focus doesn’t maintain itself; it’s something we must choose.

So, today, I offer you 5 Tips for enhancing your ability to make use of this powerful time tool as your moments unfold.

Tip #1: Being focused is a skill you learn and relearn.

As young children, we were highly motivated and focused on learning basic developmental tasks like walking. To focus successfully on the things that are most important to you, it’s vital that you keep using this skill. So, rekindling your active interest in what surrounds you refreshes your outlook, limbers up your mind, increases your engagement, and sharpens your focus.

Tip #2: Quieting your mind helps you stay focused.

Whenever I work with a client who is agitated or anxious, I always suggest meditation. How this is done can vary from person to person, but 10-20 minutes, two times a day really helps quell anxiety and increase the ability to focus. Slow, deep breathing also helps balance your energy and increase your focus.

Tip #3: The more fully you focus, the more effectively and easily you complete tasks.

One helpful technique is “batching” or organizing similar activities together. For example, group all your phone calls, and make them one right after the other. Or, set a block of time aside to read and answer your email.

In this way, you are creating a flow of energy rather than jumping from one activity to another. Since dissimilar tasks require realigning your energy and focus, allow extra time whenever transitioning to a fresh “batch” of projects.

Tip #4: Stay focused by breaking large projects into smaller pieces.

It is easy to become overwhelmed and lose focus if you try to grab hold of a large complicated project. Instead, list its separate components. Next, group them into three or four individual categories. This helps you develop and maintain a clear vision. By focusing on a specific task within a specific time frame, you will experience success that you can build on.

Tip #5: Capturing your ideas is a way to focus.

Taking the responsibility to immediately record your fresh ideas saves you the time and the trouble of frantically trying to recall them later. This is an easy way to help yourself focus. A further advantage to jotting down thoughts right away is that you can then turn your full focused attention to the next project at hand. I personally rely on stickies, a hand-held recorder, and writing tablets, depending on the circumstance. Taking steps to carefully file and to later retrieve these thoughts strengthens your capacity to let go of them and focus successfully on NOW.

Bonus Tip: Strong boundaries are key for staying focused.

Setting and maintaining strong boundaries is a skill you’ll want to develop to help you become more focused, and here’s something that will help you with that.  My new E-Guide Book “Your Secret Power: How to Honor Your Time and Claim Your Space with Boundaries” gently steers you to a more profound understanding of where and how your boundary-setting efforts get short-circuited. Not only that, but it helps you establish the boundaries you need to unlock the door to your freedom. Boundary-setting is a skill that’s learnable, doable and definitely within your reach. And the strategies, tips and exercises in “Your Secret Power” help you discover how to:

  • Set and maintain boundaries to enhance your productivity and, yes, make more money;
  • Recharge your energy so you have the time and freedom to do what you value and what you’d like to do in your life; and
  • Learn how to say no, which opens the door to your next big Yes!

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