Time Gremlins – They’re Real and They’re Stealing Your Time!

Clock Ticking

Are your Time Gremlins stealing your time?

Time Gremlins live inside of you and they wreak havoc with your plans. They are likely to be most active when you can least afford their mischief, and today I want to help you explore your own personal Time Gremlins – and offer some tips for taming them!

The thing is, finding time when your plate is full and you’re tired and you’re confronted with one interruption after another is daunting.

And even in the best of times, and with the best of plans, it can be challenging to get everything done while maneuvering through the unexpected twists and turns of any day.

But, among the trickiest obstacles you’ll experience are the ones that live inside of you. These are the collection of personal challenges that I like to call Time Gremlins. The name captures their nature nicely, because, as you’d expect, they are usually crafty and hard to see … and they are very good at making trouble!

Since your Time Gremlins are hard to see, and they like to hide, they are that much more likely to trip you up and foil your plans. They thrive on denial, too. If you doubt your Time Gremlins’ existence, they are that much more difficult to sidestep. Yes, doubt and denial make the Time Gremlins’ work that much easier (and your life that much more difficult)!

Time Gremlins are real, AND they are universal. By that I mean that they’re hiding out inside of each of us at all times. Try thinking of them as the different voices of your time issues. If you find something challenging, when it comes to time management, you can be sure that there’s a Time Gremlin nearby. What those gremlins like to do is to exploit and amplify the issues they find.

Tip #1: You’ll know that you’ve come upon one of your time gremlins when you see your priorities being sabotaged, your plans tangled, and the pleasure being drained from your time choices. Step one (the most important step) is to recognize when this is happening. As long as they are invisible and un-named, these Time Gremlins can run riot. Once you name them, you can start to intercept them BEFORE they do their damage.

Tip #2: To keep making progress on this, it’s crucial to be non-judgmental and patient with yourself. This is hard work, and self-critical messages will only slow you down. Know that you will advance … and remember that slow and steady wins the race. Also know that as you become increasingly skilled at recognizing and countering your time gremlins, you’ll love the results!

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to dig deep, as you explore your Time Gremlins. Since they are such tricky creatures, your Time Gremlins usually hang out where you have blind spots. You might stumble upon them in areas like your unexamined feelings and ideas about time. These can make great grist for Gremlins! Think about ideas or messages that you’ve carried from childhood. You may kick up dust as you explore these issues … but keep going … and appreciate your progress, each time the dust settles!

Bonus Tip: One of the craftiest things that Time Gremlins do is make you feel like they’re outside your control … but they really aren’t. The bottom line is that Time Gremlins try to steal your power at every turn! Putting a stop to that … and taking your power back, so that your time choices really are yours, is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself.

So … pay attention when your plans mysteriously lose momentum or direction. Make particular note of the times when you can’t put a finger on what went wrong. Even jotting down a few sentences to help you recall the incident will ultimately help you unmask your Time Gremlins and set yourself on the path to reclaiming your power!

Being stuck at square one while the clock keeps ticking is a situation that sends your stress and anxiety into the stratosphere. Indeed, procrastination is a very common Time Gremlin. So, would you like to get a handle on your particular brand of procrastination?

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