Find Time with Your Internal Values as Your Guide

Today I want to discuss internal values.

Last week we were discussing values – and external values, specifically. External values, we said, provide your framework.

In the same way that external values provide a frame for what you do and the choices you make, your internal values are the context. They help shape HOW you do what you do.

Internal Values and Your Time

Your internal values are process-oriented. They reflect a way of being. If your external values reflect the “ends,” then your internal values are the “means.”

As with your external values, the direct and indirect teaching of your parents helps to shape the internal values that you start with in your life.

Your internal values may evolve through time, as you do; but they are not as prone to change as your external values may be.

ScalesHere’s an example:  Suppose that you value integrity, responsibility and authenticity as frames for how you live. As someone who values responsibility, you may place a higher priority on taking care of your health at 60 than you did when you were 30 and your job or your family held a higher priority spot.

Your internal values may very well lead you to place more importance on different external values at different stages of your life – but the internal values themselves are less likely to change.

  • Name 5 internal values that are important to you?
  • How are these values reflected in your daily life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about values and their impact on your time choices.

Write a Comment here, and share your ideas and experiences!

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