Time is Finite and Your Feelings Are Transformative

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Time is finite, and you can transform your experience of it.

Yes, time is finite. 

This is an objective truth about time that humans have struggled with for eons.

Our moments begin and end, as do our days, weeks, months, and years.

Our lives have a beginning and an ending, as do the lives of everyone we know and care about.

We can measure time and we can count its increments. But we can’t stop it or slow it down.

But how does it feel?

So, time is finite and it also flows. You live in time, and your feelings have a profound impact on how you experience your moments, even down to how quickly or slowly they pass. 

So, while time is finite and concrete, your sense of it is subjective. Clocks may measure time increments, but your feelings affect your choices and your experience. And your experiences and choices, in turn, shape your feelings.

Time is finite but you have choices.

Your choices shape your experience. Assimilating this fact is a life-changing step. In fact, your everyday experience of time has little to do with clocks and everything to do with emotion, energy, and choice.

“Clocks slay time… time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life.”  William Faulkner

So, with that in mind, I have five actionable ideas to share. Try them on for size, and see how you hold the power to transform your experience of time.

Change How You Experience Time

  • Live in Strong Time.  Mircea Eliade wrote about the Sacred and the Profane, and about the notion of Strong Time.  Living in Strong Time means opening yourself to the depths of meaning that each moment contains.  Your sense of duration is profoundly affected when you are in Strong Time. 
  • Welcome Change.  When you welcome change, you are agile, flexible, and free.  The unexpected doesn’t throw you off track. The more you open to changes and let them change you, the more you stretch and grow into ever-deepening self-knowledge, strength, and power.  Your sense of time widens as you expand and deepen. 
  • Look Within.  The best route isn’t always a straight line.  Finding time for feelings is the most powerful time management skill that you can develop. If you’re driven by clock time, you may not see the efficacy of this.  But it’s a deep logic, the logic of the heart.  Looking-back and looking-in help you bring your heart and mind into sync so that you can move ahead powerfully. 

Two more ideas to try:

  • Feel and Express Gratitude.  It is very grounding and eye-opening to remember the fragility of the lives we each have constructed.  This helps deepen your appreciation for each and every gift that you receive each day, from the warm room you awaken in, to the luxury of having choices for lunch. 
  • Work from Abundance.  So often, when we are busy, the connection to our heart feels fainter. That, in turn, can start a constriction that leads straight to urgency, frustration, and feeling that there’s simply not enough to go around.  As soon as you take a deep breath and connect with your heart, you live in abundance.  You have full access to your energy and creativity.

And here’s more help for you.

Have you had times in your life that just felt good to you? Moments that you would go back to if you could? I call this your ‘Ideal Day” and it’s different for each of us.

What do you picture when you imagine something like that for yourself? Are you peaceful and quiet? Maybe you’re focused and fully engaged in a project or pursuit. The answers will be unique to you, but what’s always the same, though, is that it’s something you can give yourself whenever you choose.

So, let me introduce my new E-Guide titled Living Your Ideal Day: How to Move Past Barriers and Find Your Way to More Time, Space and Energy.

This E-Guide and its bonus checklist offer a path to deeper self-knowledge along with practical, heart-based time wisdom. Ready to become an expert in living your time to its fullest? Living Your Ideal Day will get you started.

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