Time Lies: Unmask Them Today to Free Your Energy!

Time Lies - Unmask Them Today!Time lies – do they have an impact on you?  Step back and think about it for a second.  When you slog through your day, what is it that slows you down? Sometimes it’s external interruptions or unexpected events.

But, close your eyes and conjure up an image of what it feels like on one of those days when you can’t seem to  get out of your own way.  Invite your inner wisdom to guide you.

Here are the time lies …

Let’s say you see yourself tangled in sticky cobwebs made up of assumptions that obscure your view and slow your progress.  Using your intuition, trace this image to its source. Then replace the time lies that you find with powerful affirmations of time truths.  And don’t forget to celebrate your power when you do this.

When you replace your time lies with your solid time truths, you affirm that the power really is in your hands.

Countering one of the time lies that can trip you up …

Here’s a pernicious time lie that many people struggle with: “I’ll Never Have Enough Time to Live Well!”

What do you feel in your body when you confront this lie? Do you feel your power?  If you feel yourself start to sink, breathe energy into that part of your body.  You can do it!

What underlies your time lies?

Next, jot down the specific, undermining messages that make this time lie seem real. For example:

  • “Living well takes way more time than I have.”
  • “I can’t develop new time skills.”
  • “The quality of my choices doesn’t affect the quality of my life.”

Time lies can’t stand up to truth!

These are the exact opposite of affirmations.  Think of them as “defamations”!  Notice how you can challenge them with simple questions like, “Is this true?”

No matter how ingrained your time lies are, they are vulnerable  to truth.  All we need to do is pay attention and counter them with the facts.

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