Time Tools, Perfectionism and Transitions Topped June’s Timely Tips

Time tools may take the form of tech tips, ideas for boosting your time management skills, or explorations of things that steal your time (and ways to change that for yourself). During the month of June, readers of The Time Finder were intrigued by a wide range 

Jing Creates Screen Prints in Seconds and Saves You Time!

Jing is a time-saving tool that I learned about on Denise Wakeman’s website – and wanted to share, as it’s so useful if using screen prints is a part of your everyday work. 

Time-Saving Tools: 2 for Today to Download!

Time-saving tools can be real … time savers!  And the thing is that moments saved here and there really can add up.  That is especially true of our on-line time. On-line time is rife with temptations and distractions, so when I find time-saving tools that can help with on-line work, I am both pleased and…

Finding Time to Get to Know You This Cyber Monday!

Finding time is a perennial challenge – and finding time to connect, while getting everything else done, can really feel impossible sometimes.  Know what I mean? We’ve been wrestling with these questions here at The Time Finder, looking at time tracking tools and new social networking sites, along with 

Spam Clogging Your Comments? Say No Using This Timely Tip!

Spam is one of the perennial annoyances of blogging.  How much time do you spend weeding out the spam from your blog’s comments? Wouldn’t you love to use those moments for something more productive?  Well, read on, 

Resolutions or Plans: How Do You Frame Your Goals for 2013?

Resolutions are on many people’s minds as 2012 winds down and a New Year gets underway.  But how do resolutions work for you? For many – or maybe most – of us, resolutions boil down to what one person recently posted, 

Savor Your Time and Save Your Sanity, Too: 10 Holiday Tips from Lifehacker

Savor your time and it stretches.  That’s because while time itself is concrete and unchanging, our experience of it is highly subjective. So, when you savor a moment, really let yourself relax and be in it, it feels longer.  And conversely, when you are stressed and rushed,