Time Management Tips for Using Facebook's Interest Lists

Time Management for Online SuccessTime management and organizational skills greatly enhance your ability to work on-line efficiently and effectively.  This is especially true when it comes to social media and your networking efforts there.

So I was especially pleased, last week, when Terri Zwierzynski, Solo-E CEO,  highlighted an article by Facebook Expert Mari Smith about interest lists.

Time Management and Interest Lists

The interest list feature, added by Facebook early last spring, allows you to organize your news feed into something like your own, personalized newspaper.  Highly customizable, these lists help you with your online time management by saving you the trouble of weeding through massive amounts of information to get to the items you most want to see,

If you have used the Twitter List feature, then Facebook Lists will feel familiar.  As with Twitter lists, you can either create your own interest lists, or you can subscribe to lists that others have already created.  For purposes of time management, you may do well to check out others’ lists to start.  Why reinvent the wheel?

Explore Facebook and Keep Your Time Management Edge

Not only do interest lists help you with time management by sharpening the focus of your Facebook feed, but they also allow you to view items of interest that you would not otherwise see. Interest lists can significantly expand the scope of your connections, because when you subscribe to a list, that allows you to see posts from people and pages that you may not have ‘friended’ or ‘liked.’  As Mari Smith notes in her excellent article:

Remember, Lists can have any combination of Friends, Subscriptions and Pages! To start with, Facebook displays a list of all the Pages you’ve already liked, all your Subscriptions (personal profiles to which you’ve subscribed) and Friends. (By the way, when you send a friend request to someone on Facebook, you immediately become a subscriber – which means you’ll see their public posts in your News Feed.)

You can also manage specific privacy settings for your list, and Mari suggests that you keep your lists private while you are first learning about them and how they work.

Bottom line, when it comes to time management on the web, Facebook’s interest lists are well worth exploring.  Mari Smith’s comprehensive article will get you up and running in no time.

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