Time Management Tips from Readers: Share Your Top Tips!

time management tipsTime management tips and tools (as we discussed in Monday’s post) offer ideas and insights that help you find time and make the most of your moments.   And the thing is, when it comes to time management, no matter what the experts say, you are the person who knows best what works for YOU.

That’s why I especially love the creativity and uniqueness of the tips that  Time Finder readers send me.

Time Management Tip for Your Closet

Here’s one that I recently received from fellow entrepreneur, Sarah Jo Wood, of Evolving Advisors, Inc.  Sarah Jo is expert at writing copy, ‘overcoming objections,’ and growing sales.  And, judging from this tip, she’s also creative and talented when it comes to staying organized and managing her time!

The time management tip that she shared is wonderfully simple and ingenious:

A time saving tip I use, at the beginning of the year, is that I hang all of my clothes in reverse in my closet.  Then, as I wear them I hang them correctly.  That way, at the end of the year I can see all of the clothes that are still left in reverse.  Then I make a decision as to whether or not I want to keep them. Just a thought you might want to share.

I absolutely love that idea!

Time Management Tip for an Exercise Boost

Here’s another tip that my VA recently shared with me.  It’s a way to enhance your exercise regimen, focus, and productivity while you work.

Here’s a tip I really find helpful for when I’m working on something that involves downloading or uploading material that can take some time.  I keep some light weights (2-3 lbs) on my desk and use them to exercise while my computer works away. I’ll use that time to stretch, too.

Also, if I need to take a phone call, I ALWAYS stand up while I do that.

When I can, I switch between my laptop (where I can stand) and my PC (where I sit).  Changing position and doing some gentle exercises helps keep me from getting stiff AND the movement also helps to keep me focused and clear.

Do you have time management tips, tricks, or resources that you’d like to share with readers here?

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