Time Myths You Tell Yourself and 3 Clarity Tips to Free You!


Counteract time lies with clarity!

Time myths trick you in so many ways. They make you miss deadlines and bite off more than you can chew. They amp up your stress and damage your relationships … AND they drain your energy and discourage you.

These distortions may be time myths that you learned when you were little, or they may be misconceptions that evolved for you through the years. Either way, those myths have tricked you into neglecting your proactive power. They undercut you at very turn, and weeding them out with clarity is your sure path to regaining your power AND your time

So here’s one of the biggest time myths going — it’s the one we’ll explore today: “I’ll Never Have Enough Time to Live Well!” 

Time Myths Debunked: 3 Tips to Dispel Distortions.

Tip #1: Exposing false assumptions energizes you and boosts your confidence.

Now, your time myths may feel real. Believing this particular one might even create a self-fulfilling prophecy by creating a feeling of helplessness. But is it really true? Or is this more like a web of unquestioned assumptions and expectations hanging between you and your potential?

To start untangling these webs it’s helpful to identify distortions you may tell yourself — distortions like:

  • “I can’t develop new time skills.”
  • “Living well takes way more time than I have.”
  • “The quality of my choices won’t affect the quality of my life.”

By shining a light on distorted thinking, you begin to see the holes in time lies and diminish their power.

Tip #2: Dive Beneath This Script to Consult Your Heart’s Wisdom.

As you see, unexamined assumptions keep you trapped. To open possibilities, ask your wise heart for insights. Explore how you fundamentally experience time and true contentment.

  • What does “having enough time” feel like? Describe it in detail.
  • What makes those special times unique?
  • To create more special times, what would you need to change?

Tip #3: Turn Your Time Lies Inside Out.

When you travel in circles, caught in a mind rut, consider this: Expressing the opposite sentiment often stimulates creative and analytical thinking. You might ask yourself:

  • What is the exact opposite of one of your time lies?
  • What changes when you speak your fresh ideas out loud?
  • How do you feel when you envision yourself living in a way that boldly contradicts your time lies? And what does this tell you?

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