Time Planning for Your Business and Your Life!

Time Planning Building BlocksTime planning is a skill that is a foundational building block of success.

Whether you’re talking about creating and sustaining a business, or living each of your moments as fully as possible, time planning is, truly, the vehicle that gets you from Point A to Point B … and beyond. 

Time Planning for Businesses

One of the biggest concerns of business owners (and others) is how to cut costs.

How to save money:

  • Business owners are looking to maximize profits by maximizing revenue while cutting/streamlining expenses — without sacrificing quality or service.
  • In our home lives, too, we are looking to minimize expenses without sacrificing our quality of life.

So, what’s a simple way to achieve both?

Time Planning.

Having a time plan in place, whether to reach a business goal or ensure that you and your family have nourishing meals this week, creates the stepping stones you need to get to where you want to go.  Time planning greatly increases the chance of ANY goal actually happening as it minimizes distractions, enhances focus, and lays out necessary actions.  (In this case, it also helps you avoid unnecessary expenses.)

If the thought of having a plan makes you want to run for the hills, no worries. The great thing about them is that you create one which is as structured (or non) as you wish.

Time Planning:  Make It Work for You!

The idea, when you are engaged in time planning, is to create something that fits your needs. For example, your business could have a time plan which:

  • Gives a General Frame, laying out a topic you want to focus on each month, but otherwise providing no structure around how you’re going to share that topic with your ideal audience;
  • Gets Down and Dirty with the Details, listing each and every communication (blog posts, newsletters, solo emails, resources, videos, etc.) you’re going to send out over the course of the month; or
  • A Little of Both … plus the programs, products and services you want to offer over the course of the month, quarter, year so you can anticipate revenue.  (And, for each of the offers, you can have a list of the marketing activities your business is going to undertake.)

Time Planning – The best part?

Creating, then implementing your time plan will save you energy and money and time — both yours and your team’s.  How?

  • No wondering what to offer or if you’ve done too much/not enough;
  • No back and forth with your team as they wonder what’s happening or what they need to do; and
  • The ability to plan for revenue peaks and marketing/team expenses.

There’s More …

You can enhance your time planning for your business and move toward your goals when you have a Strategic Business and Marketing Plan in place. My friend and colleague Sandy Martini has come out with a brand new program to get it done and reap the rewards.  (I have participated in many of Sandy’s programs and can personally attest to their excellence!)  Here’s just a taste of what she has for you:

  • An offer calendar
  • An editorial calendar including topics and media
  • And more, all rolled up to help you create your best year ever as you finish 2013 strong and go into 2014 far ahead of where you’d likely be otherwise.

Click here to discover how this could be your reality.  (And here’s the link, if you need to copy/paste it into your browser:  http://thetimeschool.com/SandyMartini )

Time planning, whether for your business or your personal life, gives you a huge boost.  I hope you’ll explore the possibilities for yourself!

From time to time, I endorse or suggest services and/or products for your consideration. I never recommend anything that I haven’t used firsthand and believe will provide excellent and valuable information or service to you. I will be compensated with a referral commission if you decide to purchase any items from this provider; however, this will never increase the price that you pay.

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