Time Questions That Help You Make the Most of Your Moments

time questions
Time questions…

Answers to your time questions, ultimately, boil down to YOU.

It may be tempting to look to experts for help. But if you ask a heart-based question like, “What’s the best use of my time?” the experts can’t wrap that up for you.

Your unique desires, dreams, and destiny create the answers to those time questions. And your answers change as you change.

So here’s a sequential series of time questions that you alone can answer. As you engage with each one and respond both from your head and your heart, your time wisdom deepens.

Remember the Russian nesting dolls?

Picture those dolls as you approach these questions. You’re going to discover progressively simpler questions within questions as we go along. Open them up until you find one that’s just the right size to tackle right now.

Don’t worry about where to start. The insights you gain from answering any question will support your work with those that follow. And by engaging in these exercises on a regular basis, it becomes second nature to break down big challenges into more workable components. The more you practice, the more you reduce stress and build confidence.

So, read on for your time questions…

What is your source of power?

You stand in your power when time choices align with your deepest values. To explore this, start with a quick visualization. Think back over the past couple of weeks, and let images arise as you ask yourself:

  • What time choices feel rooted in your heart?
  • When are you most creative and energized?
  • When are you most resilient, no matter what happens?

Use the answers that emerge to structure your time in support of your deepest loyalties. The more congruent your choices are the more inner balance and personal power you’ll experience.

Give, Get or Grow?

How much time do you devote daily to Giving, Getting, and Growing? Chances are that you involve activities from all 3 categories, but let’s take a closer look:

  • Giving: How and when do you support others?
  • Getting: Which activities are dedicated to acquiring? What do you acquire? (For example clients, expertise, connections, money, etc.)
  • Growing: What kind of learning or self-transformation do you seek out? What are your guiding principles for growth?

There is no right or wrong. Observe and experiment to find your optimal balance among the 3 categories of time choices.

What Level of Effort Do You Choose?

Maintain a friendly inner conversation between your head and your heart to explore these questions. And remember that your answers may vary from day to day.

  • Where is my life working the best?
  • Where do I struggle the most?
  • How much effort do I put into each of these activities?

Give thought to whether your objectives are matched by the level of energy needed to reach them. If they are not, which time choices do you choose to revise? What lessons emerge?

These questions are designed to help your head and heart work in harmony. The decision-making and focus you develop in the course of this regular practice are a lasting legacy you can connect to anytime.

And here’s more help…

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