Time Reminder – Simple Tip to Increase Your Productivity

Time Reminder - Simple Tip to Increase Your Productivity

A Time Reminder to Increase Your Productivity

Can a simple time reminder enhance your productivity?

The quick answer is yes and you can read the details in this tip I read about on The Next Web.

It’s a small adjustment you make on a Mac (slightly more complicated on a Windows PC), and according  to the author, it really helps!

The article is titled “This weird productivity hack actually made me more efficient” and the idea is to set your computer so that it tells you what time it is at regular intervals throughout your day.

Here’s how Owen Williams (the author) describes the benefits of this time reminder idea:

When your computer is audibly saying the time to you, it’s a regular reminder to get back to work. And it actually works. This ridiculous trick has actually made me write more consistently throughout the day and has reduced my time spent on distractions; I’m now more aware of where the time goes, as opposed to just letting it slip away.

Click this link for directions for how to set up a time reminder for yourself in Windows 8. It looks fairly complicated compared to the Mac adjustment described in the article. There is also an app for Chrome (Voice Clock) that looks like it offers the same capability.

What a time reminder does is bring you back to the here and now.  This is especially helpful for on-line work, which is riddled with opportunities for interesting distractions and tempting sidetracks that hijack hours without your even realizing. An audible reminder brings you back to the moment, where you are able to refocus your energy.

Essentially, what this time reminder does is provide you with regular decision points where you have the opportunity to make clear time choices that optimize your productivity.

And this is really important if you’re a solopreneur or small business owner who does a lot of work on the internet!  You know better than most how costly on-line distractions can be.  So exploring simple tips like this time reminder can literally save you money, as well as helping you stay on track and find more time.

And here’s something else that helps!  Because distractions on the web are so tempting, pulling you in many directions, it’s easy to fall into an energy-draining cycle of wasted time, self-criticism and frustration that no one needs! So, today I’m sharing a Finding Time resource called The Twitter Trap.

It’s a step-by-step Quick Start Guide that focuses on creating a Time Plan to optimize your Time on Twitter and eliminate time-wasting distractions. The best part? Your Time Plan easily extends to other social media, too!

The Twitter Trap offers a blueprint for setting and maintaining time boundaries and increasing your productivity. It applies to your on-line work and also to LOTS of other areas of your life!

Learn more by clicking here – because social networking doesn’t have to be a time drain!


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