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Time Resources for you!Time resources:  you can never have too many of them.  And one of my favorite pastimes is collecting time resources and sharing them with you.

One of those time resources is The Finding Time E-zine, and the newest edition will be published tomorrow morning!

I decided today that I’d like to share the E-zine with blog readers who may not be familiar with it.  So I’m sharing audio and some tips from an edition we published last spring.  (And you can start receiving the Finding Time E-zine right now, by signing up for the Finding Time Success Kit in the sidebar!)

Empowered Compassion™ Offers Heart-Based Lessons is the title of the main article.  Click here to listen to the podcast.

And now, to expand on what you’ve discovered so far, here’s a tip offering some steps you can take, today, to take better care of yourself and put these heart-based lessons into action!

TIP: Empowered Compassion™ inspires you to advocate for yourself.

Self-care restores your energy and builds your self-esteem. So, pledge to yourself that you’ll schedule in restorative pastimes – and then keep that promise! If someone tries to pressure you into giving away that time, advocate for yourself by speaking up.

ACTION STEP: Think of one situation where you want to stand firm, but find yourself struggling.

What are the messages that undercut your assertiveness? Can you pick out the self critical tone? How do you feel, hearing that voice?

Now, you can choose to shift the tone. Bring in the voices of compassion and realism to restore a healthy perspective.

For example, suppose a friend assumes you’ll babysit for her young children on short notice. Self-critically, you think, “I’d be selfish to say no.” Your voices of compassion and realism say, “I’m overextended, and I need to recharge my batteries.” So you tell your friend, “I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to help you. Would you like the name of a sitter?”

EXPLORATION: Empowered Compassion™ begins with liking yourself.

You take pleasure in meeting your needs and feeding your spirit.  So, be aware of when you diminish yourself to take up less space.

Empowered Compassion™ encourages you to blossom into your full self, rather than striving, straining, or shrinking to please others. You’ll experience new ease and spontaneity, entering more fully into each and every moment.

As you think over your day, identify times when you tend to become overextended and short-tempered. Give thought to how you might recognize those moments as opportunities to offer kindness to yourself.

The more you see with compassion, the more clearly you’ll see what truly works for you. Empowered with that knowledge, you can fine-tune your schedule and restore an expansive and heart-based flow to your life.

See, this is the kind of practical and inspiring information that you’ll receive when you sign up for The Finding Time E-zine.  Why not get started today?

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