Time-Saving Tools for Gmail Users to Consider This Cyber Monday

Gmail to pdf Chrome Extension

Time-Saving tools to use with Gmail and Chrome.

“Time-saving” is always music to my ears.

So, when I came upon these two time-saving tools I knew the next thing I’d want to do is share them both with you.

As the title to this post suggests, both tools are for people who use Gmail.

One helps you identify and make decisions about accounts you’ve signed up for. The other allows you to save e-mails as pdfs.

Here are fuller descriptions of each.

Time-Saving Tool #1

The first tool I want to share is called deseat.me and what it does, in a nutshell, is search for any accounts that you’ve signed up for using your Gmail address. Once the search is completed, deseat.me presents you with a list of those accounts. Working from this list, you then select the accounts you want to keep and the ones you want to remove.

Wherever possible, deseat.me provides you with links to the accounts in question. But if the links are not available you can go directly to the url and deseat yourself.

We have found that simply seeing the list is very eye-opening. And while the work of removing each account is still something you have to do yourself, this makes it much easier – and also provides you with the ability to make informed choices. So we say thumbs-up on deseat.me.

Time-Saving Tool #2

Save to PDF is a Chrome extension that works from Gmail and allows you to save any e-mail as a pdf.

It’s a very easy tool to use. When you download the extension a “Save to PDF” button is added to your Gmail Inbox. Then, all you need to do is click that button when you have an e-mail open and it will be saved as a pdf to your computer. This video walks you through the process:

These e-mails are saved to your hard drive and are not stored on the cloud — more security for you!

Another thumbs-up from us here at The Time Finder.  So, what are your go-to tech-tools? Share them here — we’d love to know about more time-savers and let our readers know as well.

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