Time-Saving Experimental App Called Seer Helps You See!

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Seer – a time-saving app that helps you see!

Finding a new time-saving app is always a nice surprise – and sharing them is what we like to do in our Cyber Monday posts.

So today I want to tell you about a time-saving experimental app called Seer. My VA recently told me about it, as she’d read about it on lifehacker.

What Seer does, in a nutshell, is  give you a quick way to preview files in Windows, without actually opening them. This is a time-saving functionality that has been available to Mac users for a long time. Here’s what Seer does:

In OS X, you can select a file and press Space for a quick preview of it. You can’t do that in Windows—at least not without Seer, a free utility that gives you the same power. Tap the space bar to bring up an image, video, or audio file in a quick view, and press space again to dismiss.

So, you may be wondering, how is this a time-saving tool?

Well, let’s say you’re looking for a photo, and you haven’t had time to name all the pictures from your recent trip. You’re presented with something that looks like this in your Pictures folder:

Screen Shot Pictures Folder

Here’s the Pictures Folder

And now here’s what that folder looks like using Seer. When you single-click on an image icon and hit the space bar you get a preview of the image. Hit the space bar again and the image disappears.

Screen Print Time-saving app Seer

Here’s the time-saving app Seer in action.

This time-saving tool is very simple and user-friendly. It works very well with images, pdf’s, audio and video files. For us Seer has offered a substantial boost to our productivity, helping us to find what we’re looking for without having to open and close files. It doesn’t do so well with documents, spreadsheets, or other text files just yet, but I understand that these functionalities are being worked on.

In summary, I recommend that you check out this time-saving tool and see what you think. It’s easy and quick to download and install, and I think you’ll find it useful.

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