Time-Saving E-mail Tool: Using okdo.it for Project Planning and Productivity

time-saving toolsTime-saving tools are at a premium.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, a blogger, an on-line business owner, or someone who simply wants to be able to make the most of her time, having the right tools makes all the difference.

But there are thousands of interesting new ideas that vie for our attention every day.   So, any tool that helps you optimize your time so that you can explore, create, prioritize, produce, connect, and expand your reach would be a real find, wouldn’t it?

Time-Saving Tool for Integrating E-mail and To Do Lists

Well, how about a time-saving idea that can help you think about (and use) e-mail in a whole new way?  That’s exactly what okdo.it, a new start-up currently in beta, is about.

When you sign up for okdo.it you receive an okdoit.net email address.  Then, the idea is that you can create tasks simply by sending a message from the email you registered with to your okdoit.net email address.

And everyone who signs up gets an okdoit.net email address.  So, as your friends, family, co-workers and colleagues join okdo.it, the possibilities for communicating and sharing tasks grows exponentially!  You can use whatever e-mail client you are familiar with, and  just send your message to either your OWN okdoit.net address or to the okdoit.net address of one of your contacts.

The subject of the email is your Message Subject.  You create tasks in the body of your e-mail by adding a # sign at the beginning and end of each new task. You can also add an optional due date and comment to each task.  Below is an example of how that would look:

Subject: Message Name

Body Text

# Task 1 #

# Task 2 # 04/25/2012 *this is a comment*

And here are just a few of the things that you can do with okdo.it … without ever leaving your e-mail:

  1. Send messages with tasks and attachments (optional) from email to yourself;
  2. Forward emails as messages and break up into actionable tasks;
  3. Receive reports on your open messages;
  4. Complete and Comment on open tasks from the report email;
  5. Create a team to track shared and assigned tasks between its members; and
  6. Search, invite, and add contacts.

This brief, informative video offers a quick overview of what okdo.it can do.

If you are interested in trying okdo.it, you can request an invitation to the private beta on their webpage.

I find its time-saving possibilities very intriguing and am pleased to be able to highlight okdo.it for you today!

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with okdo.it and have not received any compensation for writing this content.


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