Time-Saving Tip: Using Compassion Frees You from Poisonous Perfectionism!

Time-Saving TipTime-saving tips can set you free from the things that hold you back and keep you stuck.  Sometimes it’s external roadblocks and inefficiencies, and sometimes we create our own hurdles.

Do you work long and hard to move forward, only to find yourself stuck?   Excellence is so rewarding, but then there are those  long hours going over and over the same project.

  • Are you trying too hard?
  • When is enough enough?
  • … and how much is too much?

Time-Saving Tip:  Perfectionism is Poison!

Perfectionism is a time-destroyer that spoils your pleasure and undercuts your productivity. But sadly, it isn’t always easy to pin down, even when it is eating away at your life and goals. Perfectionism is a toxin that is often mistaken for a positive quality.  And until you see it for what it is, it inflicts untold damage.

Perfectionism is an especially tough poison to diagnose.

First and foremost, that’s because pleasing others is highly rewarded in society.  Praise is positive, right?  So striving for praise has got to be a good thing.  (And the harder you strive, the better.)

The second difficulty in detecting poisonous perfectionism stems from the following predicament: when you want to be perfect, accepting that you have a damaging problem can feel quite painful.

Fortunately, embracing that you are a complex and fallible human helps you access your full powers. So let’s see how compassion helps you establish a healthy climate for exploring the role perfectionism plays in your life.

Time-Saving Tip:  Compassion is Your Most Powerful Antidote To Perfectionism!

Remember that only when you make the diagnosis can you apply the antidote!  So call on your compassion. Compassion is an ideal traveling companion on your journey to counter perfectionism’s paralyzing influences, because self-acceptance inspires you to act.

As you develop heart-centered insights about where your desire to be perfect started, you immediately start to dilute perfectionism’s power over you.

Time-Saving Tip for Getting to the Bottom of Your Perfectionism

Perfectionism generally sets down roots in early childhood.  Most often, it’s an attempt to manage something that you feel out of control over. Perhaps when you were criticized or punished harshly, you tried to overcome the pressure by providing whatever was demanded of you.

Imagine yourself at that early age. When you conjure up an image of yourself as an innocent child, you see the roots of your perfectionism with compassion.  You also see that now is different.  Let yourself feel, right down to your toes, the enormous power you possess.  You can now rewrite the scripts of your life.

Remember, perfectionism is no match for compassion, and these time-saving tips help you break the shackles of perfectionism.

In our next blog post, we’ll look at 5 telltale traits of perfectionists.

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