Time-Saving Tip: Try Google Keep to Find Time!

Google_Keep_in_ActionTime-saving tools are always helpful, and the simpler they are, the better they are.  That’s why I was intrigued to read about this free Chrome extension for jotting quick notes.

It’s called Google Keep and it’s very easy to install and use.  Once set-up, this  time-saving tool can be available on your android phone, as well as your PC or your Mac.  (It’s not yet available for the iPad, but it sounds like that is being worked on, too.

Time-Saving and Simple

Google Keep serves a function similar to Evernote and many of the other notepad applications that are available for computers and mobile devices.  Like those other apps, it will save and sync your notes across devices.

The screen shot above shows The Chrome Extension for Google Keep in action on a PC.  It’s so simple to use!  Let’s say you’re working on a writing project and you remember something you need to do later in the day.  You needn’t take yourself off task.  Just click the small icon for Google Keep and you can add a note, then return to your work, having hardly paused.

On your Android device, you can record your note, and it will be available for you both as a transcription and in audio format.  This is a wonderful time-saving feature for capturing ideas on the fly!

Time-Saving Tool #2

In addition to Google Keep, my VA recently shared with me another helpful, time-saving tech tool – this one for easily capturing screen prints.  It’s called Awesome Screenshot and the video below offers an excellent overview of this time-saving tool:

You can save whole web pages, or selected parts, and you can annotate what you capture.  Using Awesome Screenshots you can either save your files locally as images, or save them on the web, as with this screenshot of an article comparing Google Keep, Evernote, and One Note.

TipHere’s a tip from my Facebook Page that we captured and saved locally, then copied-and-pasted into the blog.  Like Jing, this time-saving tool offers another way to capture and share images.

What time-saving tech tools do you use and love?  Drop me a line – I’d love to hear!

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