Time-Saving Tips: Telltale Traits of Perfectionists

Time-Saving Tips Get You Unstuck!Time-saving tips help you jump-start your productivity and unclog your creativity when perfectionism has you stuck.

In our last post, we discussed how perfectionism is one of the sneakier time poisons. Did that resonate for you?

Maybe you are wondering, today, whether your desire for excellence is healthy or something that steals your time and peace of mind.

Time-Saving Tips to Recognize Perfectionism

Here are some considerations to help you explore what perfectionism actually feels like.  Opening to these time-saving tips will help you see whether perfectionism is an issue for you.

So, if perfectionism holds you back, you may notice things like the following:

  • Maybe you hide behind a rigid smile, like the fixed grin you might have when you face a camera. You are expressing stress rather than happiness or self-confidence.
  • You relate to people and situations reactively instead of responsively.  While trying to second-guess others’ needs and desires you spend much less time defining your own needs. This adds to your stress and is very depleting.
  • Balance is almost impossible to achieve in your life.  You work non-stop and constantly feel that nothing you do will ever be enough.
  • Anger and disappointment come to dominate your emotional landscape.  This is because you have sacrificed your autonomy.
  • Conflicts arise, especially in your key relationships.  When you over-extend yourself trying to satisfy and control others, you are ultimately going to be disappointed.  You may then revert to punishing behavior.  This sabotages your efforts and fosters discord.
  • You might even feel paralyzed.  Your productivity comes to a screeching halt as anxiety over possible mistakes saps your incentive to explore and expand your horizons.

Time-Saving Tip:  Validation Empowers!

Seeing and acknowledging your perfectionistic tendencies can be overwhelming … but don’t let it be!  It’s so positive that you now can identify the role of perfectionism in your life, so be sure to validate yourself!

You’ve taken a powerful step to become more self-referenced.  Continue the journey and don’t look back.  Your ongoing work will help you enjoy new levels of effectiveness with a welcome sense of ease.

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  1. Dear Paula,

    Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom about perfectionism. I love how your compassion helps counteract the perfectionist’s tendency to judge herself!

  2. Hi Alison –

    I’m so glad that you liked this post! Bringing an open heart when perfectionism is the challenge surely underscores the power of compassion, doesn’t it?



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