Time Success: Harvest What Worked in 2012 and Make 2013 Shine

time successTime success is all about using what works best for you, so that you can find time for what matters most.

This is what I feel passionate about – helping you to reach your goals and live each precious moment to the fullest! 

Time Success:  So, how do you get there?

Last week, I shared with you how deeply I value creating small stepping-stones for incremental progress. That’s because they work!  Sure-footed action steps move you farther than an ambitious New Year’s resolution will.

The resolution may be inspiring and worthwhile; but without a path, there’s just no way to get there.  Your resolve may offer a sudden burst of enthusiasm, like New Year’s fireworks lighting the sky in exciting patterns.  But such resolutions also can easily fizzle out, leaving not a trace.

Time Success:  Learn from what worked before!

So I invite you to step back from lofty goals that are vague on details, and turn instead, to places you’ve experienced time success before. Harvest your most productive lessons from 2012 and see what evolves from them. What rewarded you these past months is a good predictor of what will genuinely bring you contentment now.

To find what worked for you in 2012 you might ask yourself:

  • Which time choices helped you complete projects on schedule and to your full satisfaction?
  • What time choices felt the most self-loyal?
  • How did your self-loyalty influence your effectiveness?
  • What choices led to your most spacious experiences of time?
  • What helped you relate the most wholeheartedly with others?

Time Success:  Where do you go from here?

As you answer these questions, focus like a laser on what opened you and augmented your experience of time in 2012. Chances are that the time choices that stand out reveal where you did something a bit different than usual. And the good news is that those changes for the better can become part of your new path!

In our next blog post, I’ll suggest ways you can build on what you discover today using 7 very practical questions.

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