Time Tested Transition Travel — How to Thrive Through Change

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Heart-Based and time tested transition travel for you.

What do I mean by time tested transition travel? Well, changes, whether large or small, offer challenges.

And how you responded in previous situations affects what happens next, and what you do about it.

So, learning from the past allows you to apply time tested solutions in your present, honing your transitions skills as you go.

Transition Travel the Heart-Based Way:

Transitioning into something new always means, for me, remembering and honoring what has been.  That’s the Heart-Based Way. 

So, as I say good-bye to this past month, for example, I reflect back on what it held.  Whether you consider world events or the challenges of everyday living, the time was filled with events and accomplishments, challenges and setbacks — a month’s worth of moments for each and every one of us.

Pausing in any moment to mark and remember what has come before places your feet on the ground — your ground. And this is where you want to be standing when you take your next step.

What Time Holds:

Juxtaposed with the wide range of human experience and striving that makes the news every day, there are also the timeless rhythms of life that anchor and sustain us. 

The sun rises and sets, no matter what else is going on in the world or in our lives.  Our in-breath is followed by our out-breath, so long as we walk the planet. 

This is very grounding, especially during times of transition.  Knowing it, right to your core, helps ease change by reminding us of what is changeless.

A Time Tested Transition Tool:

Gratitude, whether for unexpected gifts or for everyday graces, is a powerful force.  The more you feel it, the more you are transformed. It’s that clear and causal. 

And gratitude is yours, like your breath.  So long as you are here, you hold the power of gratitude in your hands, and that means you hold the power to transform your perspective any time you choose.

So, whether you are transitioning to a new month, a new day, or a new moment, pausing to remember and honor what came before provides you with a solid place to stand as you look toward the future.  And whenever you invoke the power of gratitude, you transform your landscape. 

Transition times can be unsettling as you let go of the old.  They are also filled with opportunity and adventure for Heart-Based travelers.  Strive to remember that gratitude always puts you in charge.  It shifts your perspective and your energy, opening up vistas and possibilities that you might never have imagined.

So, how will you journey farther along the Heart-Based Path as a new month begins?

Here’s more time tested help…

Change is a fact of life, but do you sometimes feel like it’s coming at you too fast? Or does it pop up unexpectedly and throw all your plans awry? Well, I’d like to share a time tool that helps. no matter what kind of change you’re dealing with.

It’s titled How to Partner with Change and Aging, and to discover more about it right now, just click here: https://thetimefinder.com/partnering-with-change.html

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