Time Tips That Were Tops in February for Finding Time

Time Tips-Favorites from The Time FinderTime tips help you manage your time and find time for what matters most.  And one of the things I love to do is look back and reflect, as one month ends and another begins.

So, this morning, join me as I harvest the top time tips on The Time Finder, based on  readers’ responses in February.

Time Tips About Perfectionism

Right at the top of our list of time tips was a very recent series of posts about Perfectionism … how it steals your time … and some ideas for how to counter this time trap. In case you missed them, the posts are titled Perfectionism Eating Your Time and Energy? Here’s Your First of 3 Timely Tips and Perfectionism Trap: Free Yourself with 2 More Timely Tips!

As you move away from perfectionism and toward your true self, you discover and activate your strengths – perhaps strengths you didn’t even know you had. And then, by extension, your potential unfolds in new and exciting ways!

So, one of the best, first steps you can take in support of your productivity and life satisfaction is by understanding the ways that you let perfectionism hold you hostage.

Perfectionism can be a very tricky issue to root out, and time tips are key, both in recognizing it and in taking back your power!

Time Tips from the Time Machine

Readers of The Time Finder were very eclectic in their interests this past month, and were drawn to time tips, sometimes deep in our archives, for finding more time.  Here are 2 posts that got your votes!

Find Time with Zamzar and Evernote Clearly on Cyber Monday is a post from almost a year ago with time tips about two productivity tools.  Do you use them?  We do!

Finding Time for Feelings: It’s The Heart-Based Way is an earlier post that looks at ways that time tips are enhanced and deepened when the WHOLE self is included in the equation!

Finding time for feelings is as key a time management skill as you can ever develop. And yet, this is a subject that is rarely discussed in time management circles. I think that is because feelings are seen as “soft” and subjective – not measurable or scientific.

When you approach time management in a heart-based way, you include all the parts of you – mind, body, emotions, and spirit – in the equation. And that adds up to a lot!

Tech Time Tips

And last but not least, there was a more recent Cyber Monday post titled Time-Saving Tools: 2 for Today to Download! that offered up two new tools to save you time when you’re working at your computer.

Did we include your favorite post?  Are there subjects or time challenges you’d like to read more about here?  Drop me a line – I would love to address your questions!

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