Time Tools, Perfectionism and Transitions Topped June’s Timely Tips

Time Tools - Time Finder FavoritesTime tools may take the form of tech tips, ideas for boosting your time management skills, or explorations of things that steal your time (and ways to change that for yourself).

During the month of June, readers of The Time Finder were intrigued by a wide range of posts – spanning quite a bit of time, too.

It’s always interesting to see what captures your interest – based on what you read … so here are the time tools that you were drawn to last month …

Time Tools: Quashing Perfectionism

Perfectionism steals time like almost nothing else – and it’s insidious.  You think you’re just doing your best when you’re actually sabotaging yourself.  “Time-Saving Tips: Telltale Traits of Perfectionists” has our number one post last month, as it looks like quite a few readers were grappling with this trait.  Were you one of them?  Read on by clicking the link, and discover the quick-and-powerful time tools and tips available in this post …

Time Tools: Tech Tips and Tricks

When it comes to time tools, tech tips are always popular, and June was no different on that front.  We actually had three posts that came in very close to a tie at #2 on our list:

Time Tools-ebizmbaFind Time to Identify Trends and Top Sites On the Web” introduces ebizmba.com, where you’ll find real time data on top websites in lots of different categories.  Here’s a screen print (created with another of our featured time tools) to show you what ebizmba looks like in action.  (Click the image to see a larger version.)

Jing Creates Screen Prints in Seconds and Saves You Time!” was another very popular post and of the time tools mentioned here, Jing may be the most popular here at The Time Finder.  My VA uses it nearly every day to create quick screen prints and loves it!

Textdown Works from Your Browser and Saves Time” was the third of our popular text tips. Have you tried Textdown yet?  The efficiency that it offers is the ability to create documents on a tab in your browser using either plain text or Markdown … here’s an excerpt from the post:

What Textdown does is allow you to open a tab in your browser and create documents there.  Markdown is the language that can be used in Textdown, although Plain Text will work as well.

If you want to add a bit more formatting than Plain Text allows (which is none) then Textdown offers some welcome flexibility.  You can enlarge text, make passages bold, underline titles, and add quite a few other formatting tweaks.  And another nice feature of Textdown and the Markdown language that it uses is that whether you view the resulting document in HTML or in Plain Text, it will be readable.  Here is an excellent overview of both Markdown and Textdown by Saikat Basu

 Time Tools for Transitions

Last, but by no means least, transitions were on many readers’ minds – perhaps as we transitioned from one season to another, or from the school year to summertime.  Whatever the reason, you were drawn to posts like “Finding Time to Manage Transitions by Knowing Yourself Better” and “Transition Tips: 3 Powerful Pointers for Making the Most of Your Time.”

Transition times are times of flux and change.  For that reason, a transition can also be something that disorients you and throws you off track.  But only if you LET it!

What was your Time Finder Favorite in June?  Did we miss it?  Are there time tools and tips that you’d like to read more about here?  Drop me a line – I’d love to serve your time needs!

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