Time Tools and Tips for Your Transition into September!

Time Tools and Tips

Time Tools and Tips

Time tools are always useful when your aim is to find time for what matters most!

And now that September has arrived, we let go of summer (here in the Northern Hemisphere, at least) and our thoughts turn toward school, work, and the transition into fall.

So, as we move ahead into a new month, let’s look back at the time tools and tips that readers were especially drawn to in August.  They will make useful companions for our ongoing time journey …

The most popular post on The Time Finder last month was Boundaries Between Work and Home-Balancing Your Time. This is an area where many of us are challenged to find and maintain balance.  When we don’t, our energy is necessarily going to be depleted and our efficiency and effectiveness diminished.

Time management asks you to prioritize and make tough decisions every day. One area where those choices can be especially difficult is around what balance to strike between work and home. You maintain this balance with a boundary. It may be strong or flexible – that’s up to you. Just keep in mind that the most successful boundaries are those that match your values and that you communicate clearly.

Our Cyber Monday posts are often popular, and this one ranked at # 2 last month!  Check it out if you missed it:  Streamlining Cloud Apps and Storage to Find Time  Learn about Drive from Jolicloud – an interesting innovation!

In our on-line age, teeming with information, maintaining focus is a perennial challenge – especially if you work on the web!  So, many of you were interested in our post titled Find Focus to Claim Success and Find More Time.  Click the link and read on, for some very practical time tips!

“If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.”  Chinese proverb

Productivity is what everyone strives for these days … and yet, is it really always the most helpful goal for you?  That’s a question we explored in our post titled Productivity-Is It ALWAYS the Best Use of Your Time?

I believe that the ability to be productive is extremely useful and important. But its usefulness is in relation to the ends it serves. In and of itself, productivity is really value neutral. If productivity becomes an end in and of itself, then I think we lose something precious. We lose our heart-connection to ourselves, our time, and our lives.

And that’s why I feel so strongly about Heart-Based Time Management™. While aimed at enhancing productivity where possible, the time tools and tips that I share with you are all founded in that nourishing well-spring – the heart connection.

Time tools and one particular tech innovation rounded out our Time Finder Favorites for August.  Did you see the post titled A Wiki Just for You – Check Out Scribbleton on Cyber Monday.  It looks like an application with possibilities …

Scribbleton is a note-taking application that offers the powerful pluses of a personal wiki. Your wikis are stored locally (i.e. on your computer) but can also be placed on a shared drive. This is not a cloud-based application. Private data remains private – but you have the capacity to export wikis and/or store them where they can be shared.

Did we hit upon your favorite?  Are there time tools that you’d like us to explore here?  We’d love to address your questions and contribute to your time success!

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