Time Tracking Tools: Back to the Basics

time tracking toolsTime tracking is a key component in any time management system; and it’s something that we’ve been writing a lot about lately in our Cyber Monday posts.  There are so many options; where do you start?

Remember that iconic scene in “The Graduate” when a family friend comes up to Dustin Hoffman at his graduation party to give him some advice?  He looks intently at the new college graduate and says just one word:


Well, in talking about time tracking, if I had to choose just one word of advice, I think the choice might surprise you!

The Time Tracking Terrain.

There are lots of on-line time tracking tools out there; and many of these are available in both paid and free versions.  They are also scaled for small business owners and solopreneurs as well as, in many cases, for larger businesses where time tracking for multiple employees becomes an important issue.

Time Tracking Bottom Line

As I’ve examined the excellent time tracking tools available, do you know what I find myself coming back to over and over?  Do you know what word (well, actually words) I’d say?

Digital Timer.

Yes, my trusty, old digital timer is what I keep coming back to for my time tracking needs.  It’s accurate.  It’s portable.  It’s flexible.

I can be at my computer when I use it … or I can be on the treadmill.  I can carry it in my pocket and set it for varying amounts of time.  I use it for timing my work and for timing my breaks.  And because it’s portable, flexible, and simple-to-use, my time tracking is actually more thorough than it might otherwise be.

Time Tracking:  How Do You Do It?

As we move through the holidays and toward the New Year, many of us are thinking about goals, resolutions, and changes we’d like to make.  Time tracking is a basic building block in many of those efforts, and I’d love for use all to share, here, the ways that we track our time.

Are you someone who likes the on-line tools that are available, or do you prefer something more portable?  Do you keep track from task to task, or over longer periods of time?  Or is time-tracking a new idea for you?  Post a comment here; we’d love to hear from you!

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with these tools and have not received any compensation for writing this content.

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  1. Another great post on time tracking. I’m totally sold on Hours Tracking (http://hourstracking.com) for my freelance business. It was developed by a company I work for to meet its own tracking and reporting needs. It’s designed to be as quick and simple to use as possible, which means I actually use it!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Kelly. I couldn’t agree more … that a huge key to success is USING whatever tool you choose. I look forward to learning more about Hours Tracking and appreciate the link!

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