Timely Tech Tip: Should You Worry About Spammy Links to Your Site?

Finding time to make the most of your internet presence means paying attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  And that, in turn, means maximizing your inbound links.  But what about when you notice spammy links coming into your site.  Should you worry?

That question came up for us here at The Time Finder, as we were looking at our annual stats and noticed quite a few of those spammy links appearing in our AWstats under “Links from an External Page.”  These were clearly links from sites that were not remotely related to time management of any sort.

After searching around on the web, we found that the short answer is No – we needn’t worry about these links – at least not now.

Here are two videos from Google on the subject – neither of which put up any big red flags:


Unfortunately, spammy links are likely to be a constant on the web.  But the good news is that, annoying as they are, those links should not harm your reputation or your SEO.

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