Capturing Your Best Ideas, No Matter What: Some Timely Tips

Finding time in this busy season is a challenge. The holidays bring so much warmth, and they also bring lots of busy-ness. Carving out quiet for savoring your moments, or for keeping up with everyday tasks that need to get done may feel impossible sometimes. And what about capturing your ideas as they come to you?…

Difficult Personalities – Timely Tips to Ease Things Up!

Difficult personalities are an occasional fact of life. Accepting that baseline fact helps you immediately. That’s because you’ve shifted your expectation and are likely to feel less victimized when you encounter someone who’s challenging to deal with. And there are even more steps that you can take to help yourself. In yesterday’s post we discussed 

Energy, Exercising and IQTELL — Time Finder Favorites for You!

Looking back over Time Finder favorites for this past month, I noticed that energy, exercise, and IQTELL were topics that were right at the top of the list for our readers. I review our blog statistics as part of my ritual for closing out the old and welcoming the new month. It’s one of the…

Transform Your Time Into Gifts – 3 Timely Tips

As the holiday season approaches gift-giving comes to the forefront for many people. But maybe money is tight. Or maybe you want to do something different this year – something that feels especially meaningful and from the heart. Well, your time, which costs no money, may be the unique gift that shines through the years…

Procrastination Tips – Move from Avoidance to Completion in No Time!

Procrastination. Do some jobs just make you want to hide? Well, outsmarting procrastination, especially when a job you hate is what’s waiting, can be a real challenge. But the truth is that when procrastination creates a logjam for you, those dreaded tasks become even more of a nuisance. So, here are 5 timely tips that will 

Project Preparation – 5 Timely Tips

Starting a project and following it through to completion involves time management skills that translate into lots of other situations, Not long ago I shared a post about finding time to start your project. There are two key components to this enterprise:

Your Inner Critic Needs to Go – 1 Big Fact and 3 Timely Tips!

Everyone has an Inner Critic. It’s an internal voice that I struggle with as much as the next person. So here’s the first thing I want to tell you: Your Inner Critic has NOTHING useful to say to you. That’s so important that I want to repeat it (and I hope you’ll click to tweet…