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Tips are Tops!

Tips – and specifically, time and technology tips, were tops when it came to what you were reading last month on The Time Finder.

So here’s a quick walk through the tips that readers kept coming back to. It’s a far-ranging collection, reflecting a broad spectrum of interests and time challenges.

At the top of the list this month was a post titled Google Tips to Power Your Productivity and Find Time. In this short post we take a look at the collection of tips that Google has amassed to help users make the most of Google’s array of tools and applications. The more you explore and use the capacities of the technology at your fingertips, the more productive you will be. These tips give you a quick peek at a large array of possibilities.  Check them out – and then choose what works for you!

Next up were two posts that took a look at tips for enhancing your energy (and your time):

Fitbit Fun: Self-Care, Your Energy, and Your Time explores 3 keys for Fitbit success – with a little bit of humorous help from David Sedaris along the way!  The bottom line message is that your Fitbit can help you feel energized and healthy – but there are pitfalls to avoid, too.

So, your Fitbit, coupled with Self-Knowledge, Self-Trust, and Moderation, is an excellent tool for fine-tuning your Self-Care rituals and keeping track of how you are doing.”

Moderation – remember that word!

Encouraging Words to Find Energy and Time underscores the fact that what we say to ourselves can either help keep us going, or drain our energy and undermine our confidence.

You continually communicate with yourself through your thoughts. Indeed, yours is the most influential voice you hear. That’s because you are the only one who knows every detail about your life – and you have thoughts and feelings about every one of those details.

Paying attention to the quality of your inner dialogue enables you to make positive choices that enhance your energy and productivity in ways you may find surprising.

Clutter and Your Basket of Time looks at what we say “Yes” to in our lives, what we say “No” to – and a paradox that is inherent in this process.

So here’s the paradox: We often think of saying “Yes” as positive and affirming – and of saying “No” as the opposite. But they really aren’t opposites when it comes to managing limited time and space.

And finally, we shared about a new app that builds on the 30-Second habit that we’d written about some time ago here.  The post is titled 30 Second Habit App Boosts Memory, Productivity and Time! And, as you may have guessed, the app is ‘aptly’ called the 30 Second Habit App!

The idea of the 30 Second Habit is to take 30 seconds to reflect and jot down the key take-aways from whatever you just heard or experienced.  And the 30 Second Habit App gives you a handy place to do just that.

So, when it comes to time and technology tips, what posts stood out for you? And is there a time management area you’d like to read more about here?

Leave a comment or drop me a line. I’d love to help you address your time challenges – whatever they may be!


  1. Dear Paula, a lot of good tips here. Your “basket of time” metaphor has been really helpful for me of late. It helps me to manage my to-do list instead of it managing me. And it helps me to get started on the “big items” in my basket before dealing with the smaller or less important tasks. I’d love to hear more about this (and your “heart-based choices”)–sometimes the technology tips overload me (and my “basket”). Thanks for everything!

  2. Hi David –

    Thanks so much for your comments. I am very pleased to hear that you find the basket metaphor helpful. And there’s nothing that I love more than sharing about heart-based time management. So I will certainly keep your preference in mind as we move toward spring!




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