Your To Do List at Your Fingertips with Dayboard

To Do ListA To Do List is a key tool for keeping your tasks organized and your top priorities  at the forefront of your consciousness.

In the past, we’ve written here about ways to make your to do lists more useful (so that you really do what’s on your list) and more user friendly.

We looked at making lists that capture your priorities and how reviewing and paring down your lists help you get things done.

Oh, and we also have considered some of the on-line to do lists that are available for your PC, Mac, or mobile device.

So, today I’d like to share a simple little Chrome Extension that lets you keep your top priorities right in front of you, all day long.

It’s called Dayboard  and what it does is use the New Tab Page in Chrome as a way to keep your top 5 priorities front and center for you. That way, whenever you open a new tab in Chrome, the 5 items you’ve entered will be right there in front of you until they are completed.

There are two advantages to using this extension, as I see it:

  • It requires you to enter, each day, the top 5 priorities on your to do list.  This exercise, in an of itself, means that you need to scan your list and make choices about what’s most important.  This brief review is so useful and so enhancing of your productivity; and when we get busy and stressed, it’s a step that we often neglect – leaving us rudderless as we embark on a new day.
  • Once you’ve set your priorities, you’ll see them right in front of you, each time you open a new tab.  This is especially helpful if you’re distracted or exploring the web as a way of procrastinating.  Dayboard brings you back to you back to your priorities gently but firmly!

To Do List 2You can edit your to do list as circumstances change, and as you complete items, you simply check them off, so you can see the progress you’re making at any given time.

So if you use Chrome and you use a To Do List to keep yourself on track, I recommend that you take a look at Dayboard.  It’s a simple tool that you may find very helpful.

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