To-Do List Power! Todoist Integrates Tools for Finding Time

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To-Do Lists come in many shapes and sizes.

To-do lists are powerful time management tools. Unfortunately, many people avoid using to-do lists because when used unwisely they can easily become overwhelming, discouraging and guilt-provoking.

There are lots of on-line apps for creating and maintaining to-do lists. Or, if you prefer, there’s always the paper and pencil option.

Todoist is an online option that has recently added some powerful pluses – like integration with Evernote and Google Calendar – to streamline your task tracking efforts.

With these new changes, users of Todoist are able to sync notes, tasks and photos between Evernote and Todoist. In addition, it’s possible to convert Evernote notebooks into Todoist projects and Evernote notes into Todoist tasks. Finally, when a user completes a synced task in Todoist, the Evernote reminders will automatically be marked as done.

And with Google Calendar, users can now see Todoist tasks in Google Calendar, and make changes to those tasks from Google Calendar with instant synchronization.

But let’s back up a bit.  Just what is Todoist?

Well, below is a video that gives a very good, entry-level overview of using Todoist to organize the tasks you want to track over time.  At about the midpoint of this 6-minute video, you’ll find a quick run-through of how to set up your tasks on Todoist.

Here is a more detailed video with 10 specific tips for making the most of Todoist. Some of the features discussed are available for premium users only, but many will work with the free version of Todoist. Overall, my sense is that this is a task management tool that offers a great deal of flexibility so that you can tailor it to your personal needs

Personally, I am a paper and pencil person when it comes to managing my tasks. My VA is a long-time user of Remember The Milk – but she has been tempted to explore Todoist, and I’m not sure just where she’s landed!

How do you manage your tasks every day?  Are you interested in exploring an on-line to-do list?

Whatever option you choose, one of the keys is to keep your list manageable. That’s not easy for many of us – but over-loading yourself with tasks is an open invitation to overwhelm and self-criticism.

And so, my final bit of advice when it comes to using to-do lists is to shelve the input of your inner critic! This is a voice that just discourages and depletes you.

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