3 Tips to Help When Your To-Do List Stresses You Out

Your to-do list is great for tracking tasks, but when it’s overflowing does it just add to your stress rather than relieving it. And the thing is, paring it down can be a formidable challenge. This is especially true when tasks are complicated, time-sensitive, or sequential and inter-connected. Often there are lots of details involved in…

Sometimes Low-Tech is the Way to Go. What Do You Choose?

Low-tech isn’t exactly a buzz word in our high-tech world. – do you feel like you have to choose? And do you sometimes feel like the odd-person out? The thing is that when it comes to getting and staying organized, we’re barraged by a steady flow of new technological tools. They are constantly being developed and tweaked.…

Making Your To-Do List Work for You — Try This, It Helps

When you use a To-Do List to find time, you’re using a tried and true time management tool. But too often, we let our to-do lists become overwhelming. Whether you use an online list or prefer paper and pencil, the important thing is to make your list work for you, and not vice versa. In a previous…

Letting Go – Claim Your Key to Success Today!

Letting go isn’t necessarily something that springs to mind when you think about efficiency and effectiveness. Yet, when it comes to being your most productive self, letting go is a powerful and necessary tool in your Heart-Based Time Management™ toolbox! Letting go — a simple, open-handed gesture — can give you keys to open new doors 

Working Smart – Know Your Tasks to Find More Time!

Working smart is just … smart! When you have limited time and energy, using both to their optimal potential is a goal we all strive for. And during busy times — like right now — working smart relieves stress and helps you put yourself in a position to enjoy your moments fully, 

Google Keep – Take Quick Notes and Find Time

Google Keep is a list-making and note-taking application that we’ve written about in the past here on The Time Finder. I wanted to highlight it again here, because Google Keep has added some new features while continuing to maintain its place in the note-taking world. Where’s that place? Well, I’d say it’s smack dab between 

Google Calendar Plus HashtagToDo-A Winning Combo for Finding Time!

Google Calendar is an excellent tool for tracking your schedule, in part because it’s generally accessible to you no matter where you are and what device you’re using. And while I’m still a paper calendar user, my VA uses Google Calendar for most