To-Do Lists Help You Find Treasures of Time!

Treasure Chest

Finding time is like finding treasure!

Let’s re-think to-do lists today. Lots of people recoil or tune-out when they hear “to-do lists.” But when it comes to productivity and making the most of your time, these lists are practical, powerful tools.

If you hate your to-do lists, lose them or never even start them, I want to help you learn how to  use them to your advantage.

Try thinking of your time as money. I find that helpful because it makes time so concrete.  You can really see that when you spend it, it’s gone.

So if your time is money, then to-do lists are your smart budgets. They ensure that you pay your bills and still have cash left over for something special.

Think about it: Your time is valuable, and when your to-do lists help you find time, it’s like discovering hidden treasure.

So, here are 3 common To-Do Lists Myths and 3 Reality Tips to help you replace those myths and start creating your own highly effective to-do lists.

To-Do Lists Myth #1: “To-do lists don’t work.”

Reality Tip #1: Effective To-do Lists are extremely successful if you construct them well and follow them!

Make sure you construct to-do lists as realistic plans that align with your values. Then they’re like mini-navigation systems, guiding you through your day and keeping you on track.

To-Do Lists Myth #2: “To-do lists will just make me feel rotten (or guilty or overwhelmed) at the end of the day.”

Reality Tip #2: Effective To-do Lists will make you feel powerful and accomplished at the end of the day!”

The secret? Make them short. Only include what you can realistically accomplish and are motivated to follow through on. If a project can’t get done today, don’t put it on today’s list. Or only enter the small portion you can finish. Anything else goes onto your weekly or monthly list, in doable chunks!

To-Do Lists Myth #3: “To-do lists will just remind me of what I hate in my life or what I’ll never be able to get around to doing anyway.”

Reality Tip #3: If making Effective To-do Lists helps you face what you dislike and identify what you want and never find time for, that’s a benefit.

Examine what you have identified as necessary. If it’s truly necessary, then clarify why you value it. Don’t waste your time resenting it. If it’s not necessary, omit it. If you feel a pang over a valued activity you never get around to, commit to reworking your time choices!

As you learn to plan and accomplish tasks in manageable increments, you’ll love how effective to-do lists help you find treasure troves of time! And it’s so empowering — taking charge of your time like that!

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