To-Do Lists Part 1: Debunk the Myths to Find Time

To-Do ListsTo-do lists can be a powerful time management tool when used well.  And when used not-so-well, they can be a source of confusion, overwhelm, discouragement and frustration.

In today’s and tomorrow’s posts, I want to share 3 Myths about To-do lists – along with 3 Realities that debunk those myths.  They’ll show you how to power up your lists to help you get to your goals.

Try thinking about it this way:  If time is money, then to-do lists are the smart budgets that ensure you pay your bills and still have cash left over for that special something.

To-do lists are powerful.

They’ll work for you; but if you hate them, lose them or never even start them, you’ll never know what they can really do!

But, you can learn how to use To-do lists to your advantage.  It’s easy, once you’ve decided to give it a try.

To get you started, let’s take some time today and tomorrow to look at 3 common To-Do List Myths along with 3 To-Do List Realities to move you past those myths.  The goal is to get you started working with effective to-do lists!

To-Do List Myth #1: “To-do lists don’t work.”

This is the myth that keeps many people from even trying to-do lists.  And while it’s true that to-do lists don’t work unless you do, they can powerfully shape your daily work.

To-Do List Reality #1: Effective To-do Lists are extremely successful if you construct them well and follow them!

Make sure you construct to-do lists as realistic plans that align with your values.  Consider the time involved in each task you include and prioritize carefully.  Remove any tasks that aren’t important for today.

When you do this, you give yourself a mini-navigation system that guides you through your day and keeps you on track.  You’ll immediately notice the benefits as your time choices are clarified, your sense of accomplishment grows, and your day just goes more smoothly.

Stay tuned tomorrow for two more myths and realities about to-do lists and discover how effective to-do lists help you find time!

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  1. Thanks so much! I know I MUST create a To Do List today, and I love having the encouragement to make it a really effective tool, not a guilt trap waiting to happen!

  2. Hi Alison –
    I’m so glad to hear that this post was helpful to you as you crafted your to-do list. How did it go?

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