Today’s Time Tip: Going Backwards to Move Ahead


Move ahead by going backwards.

Going backwards usually doesn’t sound like a good thing to do.

But, in fact, when you’re planning your time, going backwards is one way that you can provide yourself with some much-needed clarity and perspective. Because it’s a different vantage point, it often leads to much more realistic planning.

So, here’s a quick time tip to illustrate my point:

How Going Backwards Helps


When planning your time, go farther by moving backwards.

Action Step:

Next time you plan a project, start by marking the completion date on your calendar.

Then break your undertaking into small workable chunks, so that each individual step can be completed in a single sitting. Once you’ve identified this progression, work backwards from your deadline, writing each stage into your calendar, as well. Be generous with your time estimates, so that you don’t end up racing with the clock.


Scheduling backwards, from your deadline to the present, helps your brain automatically plan a successful outcome. When you focus on the due date, it also helps your mind strategize how to work within the limited time frame. This way, you can avoid spillover activity at the last minute.

Working Backwards – A Visualization:

Try this quick, simple visualization at the start of the day. Relax, and imagine working on today’s portion of the project. Envision the process of clearing the various hurdles and taking short breaks to refresh your energy. As you successfully complete what you scheduled for today, savor the feeling of satisfaction.

You have now “prepped” your unconscious to help you flow towards success.

Envisioning your big project as a series of small, doable steps will enhance your confidence and flow.

So, I’d love to hear how this goes for you.

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