Too Much To Do? Paring Down Your Priorities Helps

Pare your priorities.

Finding time when you have too much to do is a formidable (and very typical) challenge.

Really, who among us doesn’t usually have too much to do?

Here at The Time Finder, we are in the midst of getting ready to launch a new product, and there are lots of details involved. Some of the tasks are complicated and involve creativity and focus. Some are more rote and familiar. Many of the things we need to do are also sequential and time sensitive.

Adding this project to the other things that we regularly need to tend to always adds some interesting time challenges.

Too much to do? Step # 1 is Acceptance.

When there’s too much to do, part of the challenge is accepting the fact that you simply can’t get it all done. 

Absent that acceptance, you try to sustain a pace that ultimately means your efficiency and productivity suffer.

And that’s not all. When you try to do more than what’s possible, your health, your relationships, and your quality of life all suffer as well.

Step #2: Prioritizing and Boundaries

When you have too much to do, prioritizing becomes an absolute necessity, as does the use of time boundaries.

  • I have created a prioritized list of tasks and have set aside extra time, separate from my ongoing tasks, for focusing on the new product.  I have dropped “non-essential tasks” from my to-do list for now.  They can be picked up again once we’ve finished.  For now, they simply add to the stress level.
  • I am using my time boundaries to maintain my focus on the tasks that are on the top of my prioritized to-do list. My time boundaries help me to keep from feeling overwhelmed.
  • To help implement and maintain my time boundaries, I am using a timer much more frequently than I sometimes do. This also helps to keep me focused and encourages me to “let go” of tasks that may not be “perfect” but are “good enough.”

Step #3: Having too much to do isn’t forever.

So, when you have a lot on your plate, it is very important to prioritize, have boundaries about your time, and keep yourself moving.

It’s also helpful to remind yourself that you won’t always be this busy. Plan in a reward for yourself once you get through this span of time. That helps keep you motivated. As well, it’s a message you give yourself, validating your efforts.

How do you manage when your to-do list is too full?

What’s one thing you will do for yourself today to help address that feeling of having too much to do?

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