Too Much to Do, Too Little Time – Is This You?

Person with too much to do

Too much to do … is this you?

Having too much to do is a refrain that becomes especially common at this time of year. Indeed, the winter holidays, while joyous and fun are also a time of overload and overwhelm for many.

So if you’re grappling with this challenge, you may well find that even after prioritizing, making lists, and delegating whatever tasks you can, you still end up feeling you’ve got too much to do – and too little time to do it all in!

It’s a quandary, and here’s the thing: there’s no getting around the limits on your time. Time is concrete and it is finite. There’s no wiggle room in those 24-hours that you have each and every day.

I like to think of my time as a basket. That gives it a nice concrete shape and size, and it helps me realize that when my basket of time gets too full, something is going to fall out. Rather than have that happen, I like to make conscious choices about what I keep in my basket!

So, it’s in the “too much to do” area that you actually do have some ability to make changes and make choices.

But how? Isn’t everything that you’re doing important?  Necessary? Well, let’s take a look.

Too Much to Do Inventory

This Inventory is a gift that you can give yourself any time you feel overwhelmed. What’s involved?

Well, you simply observe what you do as you move through your day. Don’t judge or criticize, and don’t alter your behavior. You’re just seeing how you spend your time.

At the end of your day, make a list of any activities that you can easily let go of. You don’t need to put yourself under the pressure of letting them go for good. You’re just putting them down until you have more time at your disposal.

What kinds of activities might they be? Well, maybe it’s playing games on-line. Or perhaps you sometimes lose time watching YouTube videos. Might you be doing things for others that they are able to do for themselves? You’ll know what you can easily let go of when you see it.

Too Much to Do – Letting Go

It’s helpful to start with what’s easiest. Move on to things that are more difficult to let go of as you feel ready. The rewards of letting go will help you build momentum.

So choose what you’ll let go of today, and then do it. If you’re letting go of something that involves other people, it’s important to let them know ahead of time. Explain what you’re doing and give them a timeframe. This is respectful, avoids confusion and may even engender some support from friends and family.

As your day progresses, pay attention to how you feel about letting go. Then, at the end of the day, take a moment to step back and reflect on your experience.

What changed? Where were the gains? Were there losses? How will you address them, and how do you feel, overall, about this process?

At this point you may want to let go of another activity in order to find more time during this season. Keep paying attention to how you’re feeling and what you’re learning as you create these time boundaries for yourself. It’s a process that offers lots of benefits and the more you practice, the more skilled you’ll become!

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