Top Apps and Tools for Your On-Line Life This Cyber Monday

Top Apps and ToolsApps and tools are constantly under development, and whether it’s Cyber Monday or the middle-of-summer, it generally pays to keep up with what’s being created for your on-line work.

Curated lists are extremely helpful in sorting through the huge number of options that exist.  So I  am very pleased to share a list of free apps and tools that was recently posted on lifehacker.  This was in an article titled “The 50 Free Apps We’re Most Thankful For” that not only lists 50 great free apps and tools, but ranks them, too!

The rankings are based on lifehacker’s own assessments of these apps and tools, along with readers’ votes.  And one of the things that I particularly appreciated about this list was the inclusion of links to additional tips about the listed apps and tools.  As you browse the list, I encourage you to click on the links that interest you, and expand your knowledge base even further.

For example, my VA loves using Evernote for certain things, but when she read the article titled “I’ve Been Using Evernote All Wrong. Here’s Why It’s Actually Amazing” she picked up even more Evernote tips and tricks.  The same was true for Google Voice.

Also, lifehacker offers two ever-growing directories of their top-rated apps and tools for Mac OS X and Windows.  These two lists are divided into categories, provide links to download pages, and many/most of the apps and tools listed are free.  These lists provide a very good starting point for exploring what’s available – indeed, what’s currently possible – on the web.

As always, I encourage you to not necessarily try using multiple new apps and tools at once.  When it comes to finding time, it’s often better to expand and refine your use of a familiar tool, rather than continually changing to what’s ‘newest’ or ‘best.’  But that being said, there is nothing wrong with keeping an eye on the ever-changing landscape!

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