Train Your Mind and Master Your Time with Focus

African proverb

Train your mind with focus…

When you train your mind you give yourself many benefits.

And these are benefits that multiply as you deepen and expand your ability to focus.

Focus is one of the most remarkable inherent strengths you can ever develop.

It takes practice to train your mind and to build your ‘focus muscles.’ Distractions are always present and always eager to pull you off-track.

So remember the 3 advantages below as you do this work.

Train your mind to focus fully…

Any time you need some motivation to concentrate and train your mind, read the following:

  1. Focus takes no additional time. This means you always have time to focus.
  2. By its very nature, focus enhances any activity you engage in.
  3. The more you focus, the more you are truly present to your life.

Indeed, focus is one of the most powerful tools you can utilize to ensure you ‘show up’ for your life and all the essential decisions you must make.

Focus simplifies.

The less distracted you are, the more you will accomplish. When you start to feel scattered, remind yourself that you can do one thing well. When that is completed, you can do the next thing well.

Nothing takes the place of experiencing the centered, relaxed, receptive confidence that focused activity brings. You are exercising positive control over your mind. You are immersing yourself in the present moment.

Focus transforms your relationship with time.

Focus will dramatically reduce ‘spinning’ anxieties over the future ballooning out of control. By fully occupying the moment, you confirm how much power is within your hands when you are alert and focused. The feeling of safety that comes by putting yourself fully in the moment cannot be matched by any other means.

Focus builds on itself.

The more you experience the satisfaction of being fully in the moment, the less vulnerable you are to illusions that you ‘need’ something outside yourself. In other words, focus, which takes no time, gives you time by increasing your power and your satisfaction with what you can do well right now.

What is your next step to find more focus and satisfaction with how you use your time?

More help to train your mind…

How often do distractions and interruptions pull you off track? If you feel thwarted by some of your own choices, learn to support yourself by setting and maintaining meaningful inner boundaries.  My Inner Boundary Checklist is designed to help you do just that.  Find time for what truly matters to you.

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