Transform Your Time Into Gifts – 3 Timely Tips

Card and candle

Transform your time into gifts.

As the holiday season approaches gift-giving comes to the forefront for many people.

But maybe money is tight. Or maybe you want to do something different this year – something that feels especially meaningful and from the heart.

Well, your time, which costs no money, may be the unique gift that shines through the years in people’s memories. What if you transform your time into gifts?

If you question how the gift of your time compares to a gift that reaches deep into your wallet, consider that your gift of time is priceless. When you gift someone with your time, you give a piece of your life. Compare the memories of time spent with your favorite object with the memories created with those you love. Which count for the most? Was the expenditure of money primary or secondary?

This is the perfect time to create a gift that may be modest in cost but sky high in value. And you can offer your unique gifts of time in ways that bring laughter and surprise, and that warm the heart. Here are 3 simple tips to keep in mind.

Transform Your Time into Gifts:

1. Celebrate unique qualities.

Your gift ideas mean the most when they celebrate what makes the recipient special in your life. When you offer your time, actively acknowledge what makes her or him special to you.

Put this into words when you offer your time – perhaps in a card. By celebrating the person’s essence, you demonstrate both your respect and others’ profound value to you. For example, if your friend in another state volunteers in a soup kitchen, perhaps you can donate time at a similar organization in your town.

2. Choose a supporting role over a helping hand-out.

People generally appreciate support more than help. If the distinction seems difficult to make, ask yourself this question: “What can I do to encourage others’ efforts without undermining their autonomy or initiative?”

Allow the recipient to direct your efforts, and don’t take over the project in your enthusiasm. If your friend is painting her bedroom, for example, swallow that impulse to suggest improvements to her color scheme!

3. Match activities you enjoy to projects your friend procrastinates over.

Whether it’s setting up holiday lighting, programming a new cell phone, or cooking for a crowd, there is undoubtedly a pastime others would welcome your help with.

List what you like to do and compare it to chores that keep falling off another’s To-Do List. There’s your gift!

Bonus Tip: Present Your Present

You receive a double benefit by offering a special card or certificate that describes your gift.

  • First, it’s fun to open a gift envelope.
  • Second, you provide a clear offer and record, for mutual reference. This can eliminate many embarrassing misunderstandings down the road!

If you can only donate your time during certain days or times, put this in writing, too. And if you’re not artistic, don’t worry: free, printable certificates abound online.

Take a few moments to jot down your lessons as you give your gifts of time – this helps you plan for the next time you do this. Which ones are you happiest about and why? The more you stretch yourself by offering time, the more you discover about yourself and about your friends and family. Welcome this as the precious gift it is. Through giving of yourself, you’re allowing new opportunities to develop intimacy, clarity, camaraderie, and flexibility. And those gifts will carry through into all areas of your life.

So, what is your next step to change your life and transform how you use your time?

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