Transforming Misfortune — How to Reframe Life’s Challenges Every Day

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Transforming misfortune into something more positive has been an all-too-frequent task in 2020.

Indeed, this year has presented us all with more curveballs than most if any, major league pitchers could ever throw.

And the changes and upheavals seem to just keep coming.

It’s no wonder that many people feel like they are drowning and don’t know what to do or where to turn.

Challenging times…

Maybe it’s the pandemic that has been wreaking havoc around the globe and in each of our lives.

Or maybe it’s the fires in the western US. Perhaps you or a friend or loved one has suffered a recent loss that knocked you off-center.

Or maybe you’re worried about your job or about how your kids are managing at school. Perhaps you are concerned about an aging parent who is medically vulnerable and feeling lonely.

When it comes to transforming misfortune, these aren’t easy challenges. But I want you to know that reframing is possible. And not only that: It is powerful.

3 Tips for Transforming Misfortune:

Here are 3 tips that I find helpful when dealing with challenges large and small:

1.  First take time and give yourself some space.  If you’ve just suffered a loss or upheavl, it’s important to honor that fact and the emotions that it brings up for you.  If you don’t honor the loss, you may find yourself stuck in it, as time moves forward.

2.  Second, put it into context.  Remember what stays the same and what is not lost.  It is helpful in these moments to think about the things that you value and feel grateful for.  Bringing these things to mind restores your equilibrium.

3.  Third, think about the advice you would offer a good friend.  Many of us tend to be more balanced, gentle, and optimistic with our friends than we are with ourselves. You can give yourself this gift, too.

Bonus Tip: Curiosity unlocks your creativity. Approaching any change or challenge with curiosity rather than dread is a powerful shift. Curiosity changes everything. It opens doors that you might not otherwise even see.

So, how will you incorporate these tips the next time life throws you a curve? 

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