Transition Feelings — How to Manage Them With Skill


Managing your transition feelings…

Transition feelings, like any feelings, can affect your outlook, your energy, your time challenges and, ultimately, your success.

But what do I mean by transition feelings?

And how can you manage them skillfully?

Well, as you well know, finding time while in the midst of change can be a great challenge.

And this time of year is nothing, if not a time of transition.

Special skills for transition feelings.

Maybe the change you’re experiencing is as significant as starting a new school year or a new job.

Or maybe it’s something smaller like shifting your attention from outdoor work in your garden to processing your harvest in the kitchen.

Either way, change brings up emotions. And your transition feelings call for some special skills.

The first, key, skill:

It’s vital that you recognize that you’re in a transition.  This may not always be obvious.  And sometimes the transition is one that you welcome. Other times it may be a change that you’re not happy about.

But either way, if you don’t recognize it as a transition, your transition feelings may confuse you. And everything that follows just becomes that much more difficult.

Your second skill:

This skill involves seeing and accepting that every transition involves losses and gains.  As noted above, whether the transition is welcome or not, it’s important to know that there are pluses and minuses about every change.

Recognizing these emotional components of transitions will help you think more clearly, and find more time as you move through your changes.

So, what transitions are you making in your life right now?  How is it going? And what will you do, today, to make this easier and more fruitful for yourself?

More help with transition feelings…

Change is a fact of life, but do you sometimes feel like it’s coming at you too fast? Or does it pop up unexpectedly and throw all your plans awry? Well, I’d like to share a time tool that helps. no matter what kind of change you’re dealing with.

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