In Transitional Times, Start by Putting Your Feet on the Ground

covered bridge transitional times

In transitional times, how grounded are you?

Transitional times throw lots of people off track because they are, by definition, disorienting.

Finding time while you are in the midst of change is often very challenging. And this time of year, no matter where you live, is nothing, if not a monumental time of transition.

Here in New Hampshire, despite the recent blizzard, we are making our way toward spring. Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere, our friends are welcoming the start of autumn.

Change, you might say, is in the air.

Transitional times require special skills

Whether the change is as significant as moving into a new season or starting a new job, or something much smaller like shifting attention from one project or task to another, transitions call for some special skills.

The first skill is to recognize that you are in a transition.

Putting your feet on the ground

Knowing where you are may not always be obvious.  Because transitions are disorienting, being as grounded as possible is vital.

So, for now, simply knowing, in your whole being, that you’re in a time of transition is key. You might try telling yourself, “This is a transitional time.”

Don’t be shy. It might feel odd at first, but you’ll be surprised at how much this small, grounding pause helps.  And on the flip side, when you fail to recognize the fundamental fact of being in transition, everything that follows just becomes that much more difficult.

Reflect and then move forward

Placing yourself solidly where you are is a great gift to yourself and to your time success. So here are some questions to consider:

  • What are some recent transitions that you’ve experienced?
  • Were you able to recognize them at the time?
  • What qualities stood out for you?

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