Transitions, Changes, and the Habits that Help You Navigate


New habits help with transitions.

Navigating transitions is a perennial challenge because it involves developing new habits.

Whether your transition is unexpected or predictable, this is always true.

All transitions ask that you let go of things that are familiar and develop new pathways for yourself. These changes may look ‘small’ to you, but each one of them requires flexibility, planning, patience, and discipline.

Right now we’re just a few days away from the Winter Solstice. This may not be as jarring a transition as, say, letting go of Daylight Saving time. But even these less intrusive transitions affect your time and energy. So it’s important to honor them (and you).

Transitions affect everything…

Have you noticed the different “feel” to your days? If you live in the Northern hemisphere, the days are shorter and colder…and darker. Maybe it’s harder to get going in the morning. Maybe the darkening afternoons make you want to curl up with a book. But you need to carry on with your usual activities, and that feels harder with the world changing around you.

Making a successful transition often involves the development of new habits. Aspects of your summer or autumn routine probably no longer make sense.  Now that the light has shifted, you may need to shift some of your habitual activities, too.

For example…

Exercising outside after work may not make sense as the evening constricts. So shifting to a routine where you exercise in the morning at the gym may work better through the shorter winter days.  Your goal for making successful transitions is to identify new habits that you want to develop, and then put them into practice.

Another good idea for managing predictable transitions is to create templates for making particular transitions from year to year.  That way, lessons learned can be used and built upon, easing future transitions considerably.

How do you manage transitions today?

Are there things you’d like to change?

Try developing a new habit over the coming weeks and let me know how it goes – I’d love to hear!

And if transitions stress you out, here’s something that helps…

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