Transitions: Navigate Them Skillfully with 5 Timely Tips!

Transitions-5 Timely TipsTransitions are happening all the time.  They can be disruptive, as any change will be; and usually they are not linear.  As with seasonal transitions, a sudden frost can send springtime back toward winter … or a thaw can make us feel like warmth has arrived when we’re still  icy weeks away from that in reality.

Today I want to share 5 timely tips to help you navigate transitions and move successfully through uncertain times.

1.  Transitions:  They are everywhere in your life.

Some transitions are life-changing, such as birth and death. Others are woven into the fabric of life, like waking from sleep or moving from one season to the next. Regardless of the magnitude of the transition, what matters is how you choose to move through it.

2.  Transitions involve losses and gains.

Loss is inherent in transition or change. You will necessarily need to give something up in order to move forward. But with every loss, there’s a gain, and vice versa. If the gain is not immediately apparent, trust that it will appear, even if months or years later. Remember that the more you welcome change and cultivate flexibility, the sooner you can discover the gains that accompany the losses.

3. Transitions are not necessarily linear.

Be prepared for the twists and turns that life presents.  Expect large transitions to be more stressful than you might anticipate. To develop your resilience, listen to your inner voice. Noting all your feelings helps you pace yourself and acclimate to the new demands.

4. Transitions affect you in unique ways.

Two people may experience the same event, yet process and respond to its challenges differently. So assess for yourself what you need. For example, you might consider taking a break every 45-90 minutes in order to stretch, hydrate, and change your setting. Find what works best for you and commit to it!

5. Transitions are developmental and entail a process.

The process of going through a transition may be long, sometimes taking even years, as in the dying process. Or it may be relatively short, such as in waking from sleep. Regardless of its length, each transition has distinct phases with specific processes. Again, how you move through a transition is what tells your story.

Here’s to your successful navigation of the transitions, large and small, that you experience in your life!

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