Transitions: Prepare Well and Savor Your Moments

Transitions and YouTransitions can be a challenge for all of us.  This is especially so when it’s necessary to let go of something we are enjoying.  We’d rather stay right where we are, doing what we are doing, than move on to the next thing, whatever it may be.

For many of us here in the Northern  Hemisphere, summer provides a good example of this.  Late August brings with it a bittersweet feeling of loss, as the days are palpably shortening and there’s a crispness in the air, sometimes, that speaks of the changing seasons.

Transitions:  2 Helpful Things to Keep in Mind

While we may not always welcome transitions, they are a fundamental fact of life.  As I’ve written before, transitions are embedded in us, right down to a cellular level.  Indeed, transitions are as necessary, ever-present, and life-giving as our in-breaths and our out-breaths!

Embracing the fact of the nourishing necessity of transitions goes a long way toward changing our perspective on them.  Letting go gets easier (and a lot less scary) when we know and trust that “the next thing” will also offer us what we need.  We ride through transitions more easily, releasing our grip on the old and welcoming the new with curiosity and gratitude.

Transitions: #1 Get Ready for What’s to Come

Preparation is especially helpful when it comes to transitions, because as you get ready, you are implicitly accepting the change that’s coming.  You shift your energy and begin to welcome the new.

Not only that but, if there was something about this transition that worried you, as you prepare, your worries diminish.  The impending change doesn’t loom as large as you feel more and more capable of weathering it.

Transitions:  #2 Appreciate What Is

The time you invest in preparing for your transitions clears the way for you to experience your present moment in fullness and gratitude.  As you let go of your worries about what is to come, you feel more open to it and it takes up less space in your mind.  This leaves you with more energy available to savor your last days of vacation, for example – or to be fully present with family and friends before your flight leaves.

Being as ready as you can be for ‘the next thing’ allows you to let go and come back to the present.  In this you give yourself a most amazing gift!  When you fully experience your present moment, you can let go without regret and move through your transitions powerfully and gracefully!

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